Lift Assisted High Rise Tower Parking System

Tower Parking System

Car parking tower
  • System can be customise Parking 20 to 60 Cars
  • Systems can be install in buildings/open space
  • Time required to Park / Retrieval in 3min
  • Turn Table can be installed in a system (Optional)
  • Doors are MS Powdered coated (SS-Optional)
  • SUV cars can be parked by customisation of System.

  • Tower Park 200

    Car parking tower
  • The Elevator Parking Systems Combines an automatic Storage System
          and an Elevator.
  • The Elevator moves vertically in which the cards are taken up and down.
  • A transfer device on the elevator transfers the cars to the left or right.
  • The System is offered as an independent type or building interior type.
  • The elevator parking system can accommodate up to 50 cars in a area of less
          than 50 Sqm.
  • This systems has minimum vibration and noise during its operation.
  • It takes an average of a1 minute to either park or take out the car from the

  • Tower Park 300

  • Tower Parking System 30 Cars

  • Tower Park 400

  • Tower Parking System 40 Cars

  • Tower Park 500

  • Tower Parking System 50 Cars

  • Tower Park 600

  • Tower Parking System 60 Cars

  • 3 Level Puzzle Parking System ( Pit Type)

  • Tower Parking System 20 Cars